What is locuireinformala.ro?

Locuireinformala.ro aims to grow into a resource library meant to help with the understanding of the informal housing phenomenon, as well as with the mobilisation of action to solve informal housing issues.

We wish to bring together various resources – research reports, information on legislation and funding dedicated to informal housing, links to relevant institutions, initiatives related to informal housing, as well as grassroots stories.

We start by sharing our own research and initiatives, but we wish to include viewpoints of various stakeholders interested and involved with informal housing, be they people that live in informal settlements, public institutions, nongovernmental organisations or private actors. If you have relevant materials or stories on the topic, we encourage you to contact us.

Who are we?

We are a partnership formed by PACT Foundation, MKBT: MakeBetter, GAL Reșița, DEP Bumbești Jiu Association and Valea Corbului Initiative Group. We bring together various expertise – the experience of living in informal settlements, grassroots work, housing, community development, urban development and regeneration.

Each of us has been involved with the issue of informal housing in the past, but at the moment we have also attracted the support of a founder, Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with Roma Initiatives of the Open Society Foundations, that shall be our ally until the beginning of 2019. This collaboration has taken the form of the project No man’s land: informal housing in Roma communities – recognition, accountability and shared solutions.

Our aims for this period are to document informal housing in Romania, as well as related legislation, national and EU programs and funding; to raise awareness on the issue and to advocate for solutions. We wish to engage decision makers in tackling root causes of informal housing and in creating a legislative and funding framework that is favourable to solving the complex and diverse informal housing situations at the grassroots level.