Pilot Project: Câlnic

The first project to regulate informal settlements in Romania

„N-am acte, nu exist. Model inovativ de intervenție participativă în așezări informale” is the first project to regulate informal settlements in Romania, a continuation of the steps taken by the Make Better Association on this topic: in 2020, as a result of a two-year research and advocacy project carried out in partnership with PACT Foundation, Resita Local Action Group, Valea Corbului Initiative Group and DEP Bumbești Association -Jiu, our legislative initiative defining informal settlements was enacted (Law 151/2019).

In this project, we implement the new legal provisions through a pilot model of participatory urban intervention on Str. Bistra, located at the end of the Câlnic neighborhood in Reșița. This is one of the marginalized urban areas of the city, inhabited by a community with a precarious financial situation, with mostly degraded housing, improvised and without legal forms. The aim of the project is to support people in the community who have lived there for decades to be able to enter into legality and obtain documents for the land on which they built their houses. At the same time, the intervention in the Câlnic neighborhood will also allow an urban restructuring of the area that will contribute to increasing the quality of life of the people in the neighborhood.

In Romania, over 64,000 families live in informal settlements, according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Development in 2014. Over 200,000 people have no documents on the house in which they live. Therefore, they cannot make permanent identity cards and have limited or no access to basic infrastructure and services such as running water, electricity, education and health services.

The project will run for 18 months, between February 2021 and July 2022, and will involve several stages of work: a detailed census and an analysis of the needs of the community, a participatory urbanism process that will result in a PUZ urban regeneration and a new plot for the area. Based on the plot, families living in houses without legal forms will receive legal assistance in order to obtain a possession deed on the land where they live.

Project latest news

29 iulie, 2022

Lecții bune de știut în procesul de lucru al unui proiect privind reglementarea așezărilor informale, pornind de la exemplul primului astfel de proiect, în Câlnic, Reșița, implementat de MKBT.

12 iulie, 2022

Eveniment de învățare cu experți în domeniu dedicat practicilor pentru reglementarea așezărilor informale din România.

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