Who are we?


PACT Foundation

PACT Foundation is a non-governmental organization active in the fields of community development, civic participation and social economy. PACT Foundation has been working in the field of community development in the south of Romania for over 13 years, contributing to the establishment of over 150 community organizations in rural and small urban areas. Over the past 5 years, PACT has focused on marginalized communities and has collaborated with approximately 30 roma community organizations, many of them representing communities for which housing issues are a priority. www.fundatiapact.ro


MKBT: Make Better

MKBT: Make Better is an organization active in the field of local development and urban regeneration, doing grass-root work with local communities and authorities. MKBT: Make Better brings together an interdisciplinary team, which combines work experience, including in public administration, in the field of housing, territorial planning, public policy and design of programs for local development. Over the past few years, the MKBT: Make Better team has focused heavily on informal housing research and problem-solving and has gained extensive fieldwork and strategic planning experience for marginalized urban areas, with informal settlements and other complex housing issues. www.mkbt.ro

GAL Reșița, Asociația DEP Bumbești-Jiu și Grupul de Inițiativă Valea

GAL Reșița, Bumbești-Jiu DEP Association and Valea Corbului Initiative Group are local organizations from 3 communities with informal housing problems, partners in the No Man`s Land project, representing different types of communities: urban (GAL Reșița), small urban (Bumbești-Jiu) and rural (Valea Corbului). The three local partners are responsible for coordinating local awareness and advocacy campaigns, and their actions may be disseminated and exploited in other communities in Romania with similar problems.