Map of informal settlements in Romania

The Map of Informal Settlements in Romania (HAIF) is a civic initiative that collects data about informal settlements in our country. We do not expect this map to present and inform about all the informal settlements that exist in Romania. However, we want to create a platform with insights from NGOs, institutions and individuals in order to illustrate the diversity and distribution of these settlements all around the country. We also see it as an opportunity to get to know our communities and to begin to work together for a better living.

If you know of an informal settlement in the village / town where you work, please report it to HAIF!

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The Map of Informal Settlements in Romania was made within the project „La barăci: fără curent, fără apă, fără acte”. This project was carried out with the financial support of the Fund for Civic Innovation, a program developed by the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society ( The 2020 call for projects was launched with the support of Enel Romania. The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the „Civic Innovation Fund” program.