Welcome to “No Man’s Land” at Street Delivery 2018

Over 64,000 families live in informal settlements in Romania. Officially, these families do not exist. The Romanian legislation does not mention the term of informal settlement, nor does it contain any provision to address this type of housing or the serious problems that arise from it: lack of permanent identity documents, lack of access to basic services and utilities, unsafe living conditions.

Informal settlements are developed housing areas, usually on the outskirts of urban or rural settlements, where the inhabitants do not have ownership rights over their land and houses. Many of them appeared decades ago, and some are still expanding today. Whether they are improvised dwellings or solid constructions, houses in informal settlements endanger the safety and sometimes even the health of their inhabitants. Moreover, as long as they do not exist in the documents, it is impossible to solve this problem.

1 in 8 people in the world live in slums, according to UN-Habitat, totaling about 1 billion people in 2016.

Other states have started looking for solutions to this phenomenon or the problems associated with it. In Romania, they are still invisible.

Why No Man’s Land, at Street Delivery?

The theme of Street Delivery 2018 is “smart cities”, and we believe that a smart city is a city that cares not only for landmarks, but also for marginal and / or marginalized places. But in order to do this, it is necessary to recognize them first.

That is why MKBT: Make Better and the PACT Foundation come to Street Delivery with a “stand” that illustrates the idea of informal housing and tells the story of people from informal settlements, which are invisible for the Romanian state and public opinion.

The action is part of the campaign to inform and raise awareness among the general public about the phenomenon of informal settlements in Romania. This campaign is carried out within the project “No man’s land: informal living in the Roma communities – recognition, responsibility and shared solutions”, a project that aims to build a favorable legislative, operational and financial framework for solving informal housing situations in Romania.

Stay close to follow our steps on this topic!


Locuire Informală aims to grow in a library of resources useful for a better understanding of the informal housing phenomenon, but also for mobilizing to identify and implement solutions.

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