Informal Housing aims to grow in a library of resources useful for a better understanding of the informal housing phenomenon, but also for mobilizing to identify and implement solutions.

You will find here varied resources – researches, good practice models, information on legislation and funding dedicated to informal housing, links to relevant institutions, informal housing initiatives and grassroots stories – dedicated both for public authorities, NGOs and professionals working in marginalized communities or in urban planning, housing and community facilitation fields, as well as for communities who live in this kind on settlements.

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Locuiești în așezare informală?

Accesează ghidul care îți va descrie situația în care ești și ce poți face pentru a găși soluții la problemele pe care le poți avea.

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Ghid de acțiune pentru autoritățile administrației publice locale

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What is it like to live in informal settlements in Romania?

Some answers in this first movie made as part of the project “No Man’s Land – informal housing in Roma communities – recognition, responsibility and common solutions”.